Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I experiencing "POST_CHECK_MARGIN" error?

Please read our Margin Calculation documentation for more details.

Why am I experiencing "Ownership Verification Failed" error?

This error could be due to an out of sync computer clock. Please try to sync your computer clock.

There are several ways to sync your computer clock. Here are a few methods:

On Windows: Right-click on the clock in the taskbar, select "Adjust date/time", then click "Sync now".

On Mac: Click on the Apple menu, select "System Preferences", click "Date & Time", then click "Set date and time automatically".

Why is my market order unfilled?

To protect traders from adverse price movements when executing a market order, if the execution price of a market order deviates beyond 5%, the exchange will automatically place the remaining unfilled portion of the order at 5% away from the fair price.

What is market leverage?

You can choose different leverage for each market. For example, you can choose a market leverage of 20x for BTC-USD and a market leverage of 5x for ETH-USD. Your account leverage is your current account open positions notional / account equity. Market leverage is applied to your open positions and active orders in that market.

What is withdrawable balance?

Withdrawable balance is the amount available for withdrawal. It is min(wallet balance, account equity) - order margin - position margin. You will not be able to place new orders if your withdrawable balance is 0.

What are fair price and market price?

Fair price is the price used to mark your position unrealised pnl. Market price is the mid price between the current best bid and best offer.

Why hasn't my withdrawal arrived yet?

Withdrawals may take up to 6 hours to be confirmed. Withdrawals are a two-step process. Once a withdrawal request has been processed and ready to be claimed, it will be shown in the "Transfers" tab.

Please note the process for withdrawals:

  • Your wallet balance on Blast Futures Exchange will be immediately deducted by the withdrawn amount

  • You will see the withdrawn amount display initially as “Pending” in your Transfers tab

  • In “Pending” status, your withdrawal is now being processed. Depending on block time this process currently takes up to 6 hours.

  • You will then be able to claim your requested withdrawal amount back to your wallet. You must initiate the claim and sign the transaction from the "Transfers" tab.

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