Deposit & Withdrawal


Blast Futures Exchange accept USDB on Blast as deposits. Deposits require at least 13 on-chain confirmations to be credited.

Important Note: Blast Futures Exchange only accepts USDB on Blast L2 network as deposits. Sending any other tokens will result in irretrievable lost coins.


Please note the process for withdrawals:

  • Your wallet balance on Blast Futures Exchange will be immediately deducted by the withdrawn amount

  • You will see the withdrawn amount display initially as “Pending” in your Transfers tab

  • Once the withdrawal is ready to be claimed, the status will be "Claimable"

  • You will be able to claim your withdrawal by clicking the "Claim" button

  • Once completed, the transfer status will change to “Success” in your Transfers tab

  • You can cancel your withdrawal at any step before executing the "Claim" transaction. Once "Claim" has been executed, you must wait for the transaction to be mined by the Blast blockchain.

Withdrawals are a two-step process. In order to complete a withdrawal, users must claim their withdrawal from "Transfers".

Safety and security is the highest priority for BFX. For security, we require more block time process larger withdrawal transactions based on the withdrawal amounts below.

Withdrawal AmountProcessing Blocks


1 (5s)


100 (4mins)


1000 (30-40mins)


10800 (6hrs)

Reach out to our discord channel if you have any issues during the withdrawal process.

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