Dynamic Router

Reduce Slippage with Smarter Order Routing

What is Dynamic Router?

Dynamic Router is an intelligent feature that automatically determines the most efficient path for your trades, choosing between our order book and the dynamic market maker (DMM). This decision is based on where the best price execution can be achieved at the moment your order is placed. This means whether youโ€™re buying or selling, Dynamic Router seamlessly matches your order to the best price.

How It Works:

Analysis: Upon placing an order, Dynamic Router instantly analyzes both the order book and the DMM best price. Decision: It then identifies which route offers the best price execution. Execution: Your order is automatically directed to the selected route, ensuring you get the best possible trade execution. No additional fees are charged for this service.

Benefits for Traders:

Better Price Execution: Always trade at the best available price on BFX. Lower Slippage: Reduce slippage for larger orders by aggregating the liquidity between the orderbook and DMM. Speed: Our order routing is blazingly fast. Trades are matched in milliseconds.

In traditional finance, smart order routing typically charges 2โ€“3bps per trade. However, BFX does all this with zero additional fees. The only fees you pay are your trading fees.

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